Georgetown University Professor Claims She Lied About Being Black

George Washington University :

Professor Jessica Krug: George Washington University Professor says she lied about her race. The author of a book that purports to reveal “The Myth of Whiteness” has been suspended by the university while she stands trial on charges of racism. The publisher says she has admitted lying about her race. So is this the end of the road for Krug?

History Of American Immigration:

A Georgetown University professor whose research focuses on the history of American immigration and the American Diaspora has claimed she lied to get hired as a professor. Jessica Krug, a professor at George Washington University in Washington DC, claims that she has been the victim of discrimination due to her race. She has not denied that she is white but has argued that other aspects of her racial identity have been overstated by critics. A professor who has written extensively on the American Diaspora and its impact on society has previously said that the “racial lie” that most Americans accept is that they are a white person descended from immigrants. Krug claims to be a direct descendent of immigrants, and that it was her immigrant parents who were among those who helped her write and attain a Ph.D.

The Controversy Began :

when Krug claimed that an interview for a position at George Washington University had gone well until she was asked whether she had “any Native American blood” in her. She had claimed to be a former student of Indian reservations. The university has since clarified that she did not say that she had Native American blood. However, Krug insists that it was not the “lie” in question that she is charged with. She maintains that the accusation against her was her race and the “racial lie.”

Case Against University Built On False Allegations:

Jessica Krug claims to have come to learn that the allegations against her are based on a rumor. She also says that her case against the university has been built on false allegations and is politically motivated.

University Professor Lied About Her Ethnicity:

There are also people who claim that the George Washington University professor lied about her ethnicity. One person said that Krug may be because she is Jewish. And it would explain her answer differently than someone who is not Jewish. This same person said that the rumor may have started because Krug was Jewish and did not understand what the problem was with claiming to be a person of another ethnic group.

University Professor Did Not Give Any Clear Answers:

Another individual claimed that the George Washington University professor did not give any clear answers when asked if she was Jewish before she was hired as a professor. This individual said that Krug it would make sense that if Krug was not Jewish then the company she worked for would not have asked about it.

There Is No Evidence To Support The Claims Of Racism:

Still another individual claimed that there is no evidence to support the claims of racism by Krug against the university. Nevertheless, the fact that Krug remains to be proven is that the allegation is unfounded one.

The Decision To Suspend Krug:

The only reason Krug is facing a disciplinary action is that a committee determined that she had lied about her race. But according to the university’s website, the decision to investigate was prompted by an anonymous e-mail that was sent to the school. The decision to suspend Krug is based upon the fact that “a reasonable person may question whether the comments attributed to you are consistent with the University values of fairness and impartiality, integrity, fairness and respect for other faculty, staff, and students.” Krug has been asked to resign. She can appeal the suspension through the university’s appeals process.

Why Aren’t You Stand With The Brother Of The Brother – Joe Biden?

As a proud member of the African American community, I am very disappointed with Vice President Joe Biden’s comments at a fundraiser this past week when he spoke about former Governor Jesse Jackson and the controversy surrounding his visit to a Milwaukee work farm during the 1980s. What I found distasteful about those comments was that I couldn’t believe it from a fellow African American.

An Icon For Many Americans:

Jesse Jackson is an icon for many Americans; some even consider him a hero. For me, I think that he is an icon for so many other people as well. I think he is a hero because he stood up for all those people who suffered in those times, especially the minorities that suffered in those days.

Disappointed By The Vice President’s Remarks:

It was then that I realized why I am so disappointed by the Vice President’s remarks about Jesse Jackson and the controversy surrounding his visit to a Milwaukee work farm in the 1980s. I find it ironic that people who have always called themselves “progressive” and who were always against racism have turned around and sided with someone that supports segregation and discrimination. I don’t understand their double standard. It’s almost like they want to feel good about themselves and they can’t do it if they are racist.

Vice President’s Comments About Jackson Were Racist:

So, I can understand how someone could be upset over the fact that Governor Jesse Jackson was there; I can understand that the Vice President’s comments about Jackson were racist. But, I can’t understand how the left-leaning people who are so quick to call others names like “racists “sexist “xenophobic” would side with a person that supports discrimination, discrimination. I don’t get it, but it’s not surprising, either.

Why Is It Okay To Discriminate Against The Blacks:

Why do people on the left side of the aisle feel the need to defend Jesse Jackson’s wrong doings? Why is it okay to discriminate against the blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans, but it’s not okay to look at those people as a whole group? That’s what I’m talking about, and you should know by now that I am a Black American. And I’m disgusted with the hypocrisy that exists within the left-leaning community.

His Politics Will Continue To Poison Our Nation:

In my opinion, we are better off without Jesse Jackson in politics, period. I think his politics will continue to poison our nation. And the entire African American community is going to suffer more, as a result of his actions.

Joe Biden Saying That He’s Proud Of Jesse Jackson:

What’s worse than Joe Biden saying that he’s proud of Jesse Jackson but then saying he’s ashamed of Jesse Jackson? It’s almost disgusting. It’s a perfect example of what the left does when they feel the need to defend their own, which is why they’re such sore losers.

Do you see the hypocrisy, folks? I hope you will consider all this in 2020. I hope you will please consider what I am saying, too. Please consider all this.

You Supported Jesse Jackson:

Okay, I’m not here to call anyone a racist, Joe Biden, I’m just telling you the truth, and that you are a disgrace to the black community, and your party. You’re a disgrace, because you supported Jesse Jackson, even though you were running for President of the United States. If he was running for Mayor of Chicago or anywhere else in the US, you would have condemned him for his views. If he was running for any other office, including President of the United States, you would have condemned him.

Tearing Our Nation Apart Right Now:

If you really cared about the black man, Jesse Jackson, and the black community, you’d have been up in arms against him, right? Why didn’t you condemn his behavior, because it was wrong? That’s right, you didn’t.

So, in conclusion, if you really believe in equality in this country, and you truly believe in equal rights, then you’d have to stand up, Please, I beg you, tell me you have the answer, too.

How’s that working out for you, isn’t it?

Because you don’t care about the racial divides that is tearing our nation apart right now, do you? You don’t care about the divide, and you don’t care about the fact that our society is getting very dangerous, right? You don’t care because you can’t see any difference between the races of the citizens of the United States of America.

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