Iran – What Does Trump Think of Obama’s Strategy to Free Navid Afkari?

In A Stunning Turn Of Events:

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have pressured the Iranian regime to release its most celebrated international wrestler, Navid Afkari. The news was not only welcomed by Iranian officials, but by those who oppose the current Iranian leadership; the Iranian President Ahmadinejad recently referred to Navid Afkari as a “humanitarian menace.”

The Iranian Authorities Will Not Execute Navid Afkar:

This is a strange turn of events, given the fact that President Obama has repeatedly praised Navid Afkari. In fact, he has gone so far as to say that he “hates” to see him imprisoned, while Secretary of State Clinton also said she hopes Navid Afkari will be released in Iran. In a statement issued early yesterday morning by the White House Press Office, President Obama said; “I hope the Iranian authorities will not execute Navid Afkar.” Secretary Clinton was quick to respond to President Obama’s statements, saying that she “supports his call to release Navid Afkar.”

Reaffirm Shared Objective Between Our Two Countries:

In a statement released at the same time as Secretary Clinton’s President Obama said that he hoped that the release of Navid Afkari would “reaffirm the shared objective between our two countries for a secure and peaceful world.” Of course, there is no way that President Obama can ensure that Navid Afkari will not be arrested again, or that the Iranian leadership will stop trying to obtain his release on their own.

Nuclear Proliferation :

However, it is important to note that, when the Obama administration has worked with the Iranian leadership to release individuals who are considered a threat to Iran’s stability, they have always been granted full and unconditional clemency. In fact, some of these individuals were members of the military or were believed to have committed acts of terrorism against Iranian targets.

Iran On The Path Toward Nuclear Proliferation:

If President Trump wants to put Iran on the path toward nuclear proliferation, then he may want to think twice about getting involved in the affairs of the Middle East. As I have written previously, Iran is one of the leading sponsors of International Terrorism; it sponsors Hezbollah, Hamas terrorists in the region, and has supplied Syria and Iraq with weapons technology. This could lead to a new war, if it continues to do so. It is not clear to me what else is going to result from President Obama’s intervention in the Navid Afkari case.

Obama Administration Is Trying To Force Iran:

It appears, therefore, that the Obama Administration is trying to force Iran to let Navid Afkari out of prison in order to get him to agree to a meeting with Secretary Clinton and President Obama; however, this is not the only possible outcome. It is also possible that President Obama wants Navid Afkari to release a series of pro-Iran statements on the day of his release, which could result in more Iranian hostages being released into Western countries. This is a very dangerous move, and one that the Iranian regime will be aware of very quickly.

Navid Afkari Out Of Prison :

In other words, in the next few days, the situation between the United States and Iran will remain volatile, as President Obama and Secretary Clinton try to coerce the Iranian regime to let Navid Afkari out of prison, and yet again, they will likely fail. It will be interesting to watch the Iranian leadership reaction to this, but it appears to me that President Obama is likely to fail in this attempt to influence the Iranian leadership.

President Obama To Be Using This Strategy:

The truth is, it does not make sense for President Obama to be using this strategy, because if he did, then the administration would be in the position of negotiating with Iran for a prisoner exchange with the Iranian government, which is very unlikely to succeed. I therefore urge President Obama to consider his options before attempting to change the current Iranian leadership or to try to force Iran to give up one of its nuclear weapons, since I believe that he will fail both of those approaches.

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