Republicans Want Committed Criminal Act For Ripping Up Trump Speech

Republicans Want Committed:

The Democrats are not pleased with President Obama’s comments, but the truth is that the Republicans want committed criminal acts for ripping up the Trump speech. It is clear that it is time to get serious about how we keep our country safe and secure.

The Leader Of The Free World And Not Say Anything:

President Obama stated that we have made progress and that is great, but we cannot continue to talk as if there has been no terrorist attacks since September 11th. How can you stand up in front of the world as the leader of the free world and not say anything? When people are dying in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, it is time to take a serious look at how we are handling the situation. The fact is that these are not isolated incidents and it is obvious that the terrorists are waiting and are not going away.

Put The President In An Awkward Position:

If we continue to do this the way we are going it will not only put the president in an awkward position, it will also put our troops in jeopardy. It is not safe to send our military into battle without the proper training. That is why the Democrats are so concerned. That is why the Republicans are so upset with this statement from the president.

American People Deserve Better:

Is it really fair for the president to rip into the Republicans while on the podium? I believe that the American people deserve better and we need to find out exactly what President Obama thinks about the way the Republican Party is treating the president. I would like to know what he thinks of Senator John McCain’s

comment that President Obama was not born in this country. What do the Democrats think about the Democrats Senator Claire McCaskill saying that the Republicans are trying to undermine the president?

Apologize To The Republicans:

President Obama has taken heat over the last couple of years because of his comments about white Americans and his comments about minorities. There are many people in the United States that feel that he is trying to divide us by being critical of the way the party was acting on this issue. This is something that has been reported all over the media is saying that the Democrats are trying to undermine the president and make him look bad.

President Obama To Be Criticizing The Party:

The media is saying that it is a bad thing for President Obama to be criticizing the party and the Republicans are trying to undermine the president. Why is this happening? Because they know that they have a problem with President Obama, but it does not mean that they hate the president. President Obama is the president and he is doing his job and he should have the freedom to criticize those within the party that disagree with him.

Criticized By The Press And Democrats:

When President Obama is criticized by the press and Democrats, he is not going to say “hey go jump on me”that is unfair” he will simply say; “there is something wrong with the party, that is the reality of the situation.” Do you see how this works? That is exactly what the Democrats and the media want to hear, is they want to go after President Obama. They want the president to make comments and then try to undermine his leadership.

The Republicans Are Playing Politics With The American:

President Obama did not apologize to the Republicans, he said; “they don’t want my help,” which is pretty good I suppose, but he also said that the Republicans are playing politics with the American people’s lives, which is also a pretty smart thing to say. That is why it is important that we are a nation under a Democratic government, we can be sure that the Republicans are not going anywhere until we get our own house in order. If President Obama continues to make comments like this he might actually get his way. and his critics will have no choice but to say; “good, now let us sit back and enjoy your rhetoric.” You can bet that if this scenario were to occur that we would once again have a president that wants us to stand up and take notice, one that believes that it is okay to criticize his opponents and that it is okay to call them names because they don’t want his help, or his support.

Vice President Joe Biden’s Comments:

With Vice President Joe Biden’s comments in support of former Sen. John Edwards’ rape claims, it seems that one thing is clear: The former vice president is still in a place where his political views are much more important than the welfare of his fellow Democrats. That should tell us something about the Democratic Party – and also about the political climate we find ourselves in.

Presidential Election:

But if the vice president wants to run against President Obama in the upcoming presidential election, there are some things that he would need to do that he has not done yet. One such thing would be to show restraint, and to avoid taking sides on controversial topics such as abortion, gay marriage, and rape. He can do this by avoiding talking about these controversial topics during his time in office.

Vice President’s Remarks Last Week Were Inappropriate:

There is no question that the vice president’s remarks last week were inappropriate for someone who is the leader of our country. It may have been a mistake in hindsight, but the fact is that we’re living in difficult times, and politicians have to work hard to remain relevant.

Their Party’s Standard Bearer:

It’s hard to imagine the Democrats wanting to have their party’s standard bearer as the face of their party against President Obama. In fact, it’s not that the vice president and the Democrats are out of touch with reality, it’s the reality that they continue to push social issues that they don’t necessarily believe in.

Vice President’s Statements About Edwards:

The vice president’s statements about Edwards, and other controversial statements made by Democrats, were not out of line, but in the past he has not shown restraint in the way that he talks about those types of issues. When the president and his supporters say that the vice president’s comments were racist, that’s not what I meant by that. It was a comment about what a bad idea it would be to put a man who has claimed to be a victim of an assault on trial for adultery.

The President Might Make The Argument:

Of course, the president might make the argument that he’s trying to help John Edwards get back on the right track, and that he has no ill intention with this type of statement. While I’m not a fan of putting a suspect on trial for committing a crime, I am also not going to argue that a person should be put in jail for being a liar, either.

He Chooses To Keep His Head Down:

As a result, I hope that the president does not get involved in that situation, and that he chooses to keep his head down and allow the vice president to speak his mind. For example, if John Edwards is guilty of what he is accused of, then he should step aside, but the vice president shouldn’t weigh in on the issue until after all the facts have been presented.

Vice President Wants To Run Against President Obama:

If the vice president wants to run against President Obama in the upcoming presidential election, then he needs to understand that his comments will hurt his credibility with voters if His comments about Edwards, and about the president’s own record of handling controversial issues, should be a non-issue.

Stand Up For Himself:

On the other hand, if President Obama is willing to take the heat, and stand up for himself and the administration on those types of issues, then that would have a positive effect on his overall image. He would be able to show that he can stand up for his administration, even when it comes to controversy.

It’s time for the president to show some self control when it comes to dealing with controversial issues. Otherwise, he may end up losing credibility with his base.

President Obama Can Continue To Remain Calm:

I hope that President Obama can continue to remain calm, because if he does that, then there’s going to be less of a chance that his troops are going to think that he’s a racist. That should go without saying, but at least the president should choose his words carefully, and refrain from talking about any controversial remarks until all the facts are available.

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