Did You Really Think It Was Worth Getting Into a Big Fight With the Russians Over a Journalism Issue?

The New York Times

The New York Times has published an article on Alexey Navalny: “In Russian Politics, A Cheering Envy of Trump”, in which the author discusses the reaction of Alexey Navalny to President Obama’s statement on the matter of Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering his agents to kill journalists in Russia. According to the article, many Russian citizens are applauding the president and calling for more sanctions against Russia.

The Popularity Of Alexey Navalny:

The author then mentions how Alexey is not a fan of President Trump: “But in public he doesn’t criticize Mr. Trump or talk about the power struggle that has erupted within the administration.” In other words, as you can imagine from the tone of this article, it is an attempt by the New York Times to undermine the popularity of Alexey Navalny – who happens to be running for mayor of Moscow, a city that is under heavy political influence from Russia.

The Author Of The Article:

The author of the article then goes on to praise President Obama: “He has said that Mr. Putin should know better than to order the killing of journalists.” It seems like this author wants to get more people to vote for Mr. Navalny – the reason the article is so poorly written. If this author wants to convince everyone in Russia that President Obama is right then he really needs to rethink his article writing skills. Instead of making Russia love President Obama, he could learn to stop attacking the Russian people.

U.S. And Russia Include A Heated Ddebate:

Of course, if President Trump is indeed going to take part in a major foreign policy speech in Washington D.C., then there is no telling what type of reaction we may have to the New York Times article. Some of the reactions that we have seen in the last couple of months regarding the U.S. and Russia include a heated debate over whether or not Russia hacked the emails of the Democratic National Committee.

Meddling In American Elections:

In fact, President Obama accused the Russian president of “meddling” in American elections by hacking into the emails of the Democratic Party. Of course, the United States government has not actually produced hard evidence proving that Russia hacked the emails, but President Obama said, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Russians did it.

President Obama Is Right:

The New York Times, the author of the article, is correct that President Obama is right – that is certainly an interesting topic. Nevertheless, I believe that many of those criticizing him also need to understand the seriousness of the situation. And realize that a foreign leader, Russia’s president, has ordered his agents to kill journalists?

Violation Of International Law:

Indeed, I hope we can all agree that killing journalists, even if it is by Russian agents, is a violation of International Law. The United States, like other countries in the World, has a Code of Ethics that states that they have to treat people with respect and dignity. Apparently the New York Times would rather we ignore the Code of Ethics, rather than stand up for our principles, which would be to call for sanctions against Russia over the killing of journalists?

Responsible For The Murder Of Journalists:

Such acts are very dangerous, no matter which party is involved. The New York Times would have us believe that only one side is responsible – but if this is true, then President Obama should be held responsible for the murder of journalists, as well as all the other war crimes Russia has committed.

Handling Of Foreign Affairs:

It seems that many of the criticisms of President Obama over his handling of foreign affairs have come from the same people who were criticizing the New York Times piece, perhaps because they feel President Obama has failed to keep America safe enough. Perhaps, I should ask them, if President Obama had allowed the journalists of Die Welt am Sonntags, the official newspaper of Germany, to die at the hands of their Iranian captors and then allowed the Iranian regime to murder those journalists, why would they still be alive today? Of course, the answer would be that they would be alive to write another article about how President Obama’s handling of American foreign affairs has not done enough to keep Americans safe.

My Own Observation:

These are such statements, that it is hard to know what to do with it. I suppose I could just laugh at it and hope the New York Times writer will take note of my article. However, I think I should also make my own observation.

What Is Wrong?:

Many people say that international affairs are difficult, but it can be a little easier when the United States of America, or any country for that matter, does not care. So, while I am sure many people are saying that President Obama is wrong on this issue, I ask you, “What is wrong?”

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