Stop Iran’s Enriched Uranium Stockpile

Uranium Stockpile :

A senior Israeli official has stated that Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile ‘now exceeds ten times the limit’. Why is this so? Well, if we have to wait another six months, two years or even longer, to negotiate a nuclear weapon, Iran will have a bomb. And that’s not counting all the time they are stockpiling more weapons-grade uranium.

The Material To Build A Nuclear Warhead:

And yet, in the last six months President Obama has done absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from buying the material to build a nuclear warhead. And no one else in his administration has. This is a complete abdication of leadership and the lack of any determination is astonishing.

Nuclear Weapon:

Uranium can be used for a bomb, as it is for the bombs dropped on Japan during World War II and even on Nagasaki. But to actually make a nuclear weapon, you would need to produce much more than just one bomb. In fact, it would take years, not months, to do this. The amount of weapons-grade Uranium needed to make a nuclear bomb is more than the United States has anywhere near.

Iranian Ayatollahs :

So where is the danger of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of the Iranian ayatollahs? Iran has already proven that it is willing to use nuclear weapons against its neighbors in the Middle East and Israel. In fact, Iran has already built two nuclear power plants. One is located near Qom and the other is near Arak.

Nuclear Weapons Capabilities:

It seems that the administration doesn’t want to be left holding the bag for all the damage that Iran may cause if it gets nuclear weapons capabilities and builds nuclear weapons, and starts building an atomic bomb. So, why not just say no. Now is the time to come down on the side of peace.

Trying To Broker A Deal With Iran:

If the administration is serious about trying to broker a deal with Iran, it should do everything possible to bring the world together in the effort. It should encourage the United Nations, the United States, and all the other nations of the international community to work together.

Don’t waste another day, week, month, year, or lifetime worrying about how to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon.

There Is Some Talk Of A Nuclear-Armed:

To stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons is to stop Iran itself. And the administration must stand up to Iran by making it clear that the nuclear threat from Iran is unacceptable. Please consider all this in 2020.

The administration is aware of the fact that some countries have already made the decision to make nuclear weapons. There is some talk of a nuclear-armed India, Pakistan, France, and China, and Israel, which has the most nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Weapons :

That makes a lot of sense, but if you really want to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons, then you must make it clear that such actions are unacceptable. The United States is not going to take any risks. And neither will the rest of the world if Iran gets its hands on nuclear weapons.

Iran Is Ready To Make A Nuclear Weapon:

This makes sense because, at the very least, if Iran is ready to make a nuclear weapon, they will be able to test it and use it, which they could do in an air-to-surface strike on an American city. Or an Israeli airbase.

There are also risks of them using it on a civilian population. Some analysts believe that Israel could be wiped out within days.

So, if you really want to protect our troops in the Middle East, you must say no to a nuclear weapon in the hands of a rogue nation. Please consider all this in 2020.

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