Trump Panned Over Reports He Labeled Us War Dead

Trump Panned Over Reports He Labeled Us War Dead:

Donald Trump bashed several media reports that suggested the US president is a racist and insulted the people that worked in his campaign. In addition, the president bashed the US military which is the strongest in the world and called them “losers” in a meeting with members of the armed forces.

He Not Comment On The Deaths Of US Soldiers:

Trump was accused of ‘insulting’, ‘vilifying’ those that died in combat-yet didn’t actually refer to them as “losers”. He was criticized for not referring to the families of those fallen soldiers. His campaign manager also said he would not comment on the deaths of US soldiers, even after all these months.

The President Finally Gave A Press Conference:

After a lot of controversy, the president finally gave a press conference where he bashed the media reports. He implied that the media was using the soldiers as political pawns and were biased in their reporting. He stated he never implied that those who have died were losers because the troops that were killed are very much deserving of respect.

It Was Unfair To Label Them As Such:

However, the media isn’t buying his explanation. Reporters noted that the president did not say he didn’t think any Americans who have died in battle were ‘losers’, instead he implied it was unfair to label them as such. The media has criticized the president in a number of different ways.

US Government And President Obama

One thing is for sure; the media doesn’t care at all about the families of the fallen soldiers. In fact, the media will often use a soldier’s death in a story in order to attack the US government and President Obama. This is why it’s so important to be aware of how you’re being covered by the media.

People Are Tired Of War Crimes:

It is quite unfortunate that the United States military isn’t seen as winners in the eyes of many Americans. People are tired of war crimes. Many veterans see the US military as an evil, unwelcoming entity that they fear. Many see it as a rogue organization that does not care for the American people.

He Does Not Need To Call Them Losers:

Trump didn’t say anything negative about the soldiers when he made this remark about them and we don’t know what his intentions were. However, we do know that he’s the president and the commander-in-chief. We also know he doesn’t need to call them losers, since he clearly did it anyway.

Consider All This In 2020 :

So if you’re concerned about the media’s bias towards our military, consider all this in 2020. You might find out it was your fault.

A lot of people read the news outlets and read articles that are critical of our military.

Military Has A Problem:

You may think you know the military doesn’t have a problem with the US public supporting them, but you don’t. So you would have no problem if an employer called you a loser, but you don’t think the military has a problem with you calling them losers, either. You think if you’re fired from your job, you’re going to start criticizing your employer’s policies. Isn’t that what you’re doing now?

Your Opinions Will Still Matter:

It is easy to criticize the media when you don’t have the facts. Unfortunately, you have all the facts at your disposal and can make your own decisions.

In the end, the media will always be there to attack and they won’t stop. they’ll continue to do it and your job is to hold them accountable. Even though you may not be on the battlefield anymore, your opinions will still matter.

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