Why Young Black voters Have voted Against Joe Biden-Kamala for Vice President

The Young Black Voters

The Young Black voters of the United States are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Democratic Party as a whole. Some have even begun to believe that the party is more interested in placating minority groups than doing anything for real to help black people in America.

The Media Was Quick To Point Out:

When the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasser man Schultz announced the choice between Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Representative and Senator Kamala Harris for vice president, the media was quick to point out that this was the first time that a black woman has run for vice president. Some observers noted the fact that it was also the first time that an African American female has been the vice president of the United States. This was of course news to the Democrats, but apparently not to black voters.

The Democratic

The Democratic Party leadership knew that it was going to have some push back from the African American community, especially after the party selected Senator Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2020 Democratic primary. This push back was a result of the campaign rhetoric that the Clinton’s used to represent their candidacy. They spoke of white racism, which was a blatant lie and they made the case that their candidacy was based on more than the white vote.

Democratic Party To Win The Election:

For the Democratic Party to win the election, it was not enough to just select someone who would represent the interests of the minority groups that make up their voting block. It had to select an individual who would represent all Americans, as well as being a good communicator, someone who was good at politics and someone who would appeal to women and minorities in the same way that the male candidates did.

Concerns Of Young Black Americans:

When Joe Biden announced his run for vice president, the Democratic Party had to take a hard look at its selection process and choose someone who represented all Americans, which in turn meant picking someone who could speak to the concerns of young black Americans. This is a group that is becoming increasingly frustrated with the direction the Democratic Party is taking in terms of policy.

According To Black Voters

According to black voters, they feel as though the party has failed them because of its inability to pay attention to their issues. In fact, some of these issues include the high levels of crime, the lack of economic opportunity for many Americans, and the poor education system in our country. These are issues that the black communities are experiencing on a daily basis and yet the leadership of the Democratic Party has failed to pay attention to this and is therefore failing the communities.

Concerns Of A Specific Ethnic Group:

It is interesting to note that when black Americans see politicians speaking to the issues that affect their lives on a regular basis, that it appears to make them feel better. However, it is not enough that a politician talk to the problems that affect the majority of the American people, he or she also needs to talk to the concerns of a specific ethnic group.

More Tired Of The Leadership:

In fact, this group of voters is becoming more tired of the leadership of the Democratic Party and it is not just their dissatisfaction that is causing their apathy. The party does not appear to care about them any longer, they feel that it is more interested in pandering to their demands than looking at the problems and making changes to the system.

Vote Against Joe Biden-Kamala:

As a result, many African American youth will vote against Joe Biden-Kamala because they feel that he is not concerned enough about their economic struggles. They believe that he does not care about them. They want someone who will make their lives better, someone who is a good communicator, someone who knows how to get the job done and someone who is a good listener.

Primary Reason:

This is the primary reason why many black voters have chosen to vote against Joe Biden-Kamala. He is not someone that can be trusted and he cannot deliver what he promises to them. It is important for him to understand that his policies will not please a majority of African Americans because these policies will not work for them.

Losing The Support Of Their Voters:

It is therefore no surprise that many black Americans will vote against him, they feel that he is not listening enough and they do not trust him. This is the same reason why many other groups in the Democratic Party have been losing the support of their voters for quite some time now.

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