Australia Has to Show Solidarity With China and Allow the Chinese Journalists to Do Their Job

Australian Journalists Evacuated China

Australian journalists evacuated China after Six Day diplomatic crises. It is not surprising that the Chinese government issued a statement denying any loss of life, in spite of the death toll being several hundred people, with over five thousand injured and thousands homeless.

Not Tolerate Violence In China:

The United States has made it clear that it will not tolerate violence in China, and the Chinese Government needs to take steps to prevent such events from happening again. China has been trying to control its borders in order to prevent more deaths by land.

Australia Should Evacuate:

In this case, the Chinese did not want Australian journalists to be seen at an area where there were mass protests of Chinese in Hong Kong. This caused the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to state that the Australian government would be monitoring the situation closely. If the Chinese government does not allow journalists to enter the areas, then we will consider whether or not Australia should evacuate Chinese journalists. Of course, that might cause a new diplomatic rift between Australia and China.

As China Grows In The World:

It is very unlikely that the Chinese Government would agree to let Australian journalists evacuate China due to the fact they feel that journalists should be allowed to travel throughout the country. They do not want people to stop doing business with their country, as well.

Australia To Show Its Solidarity For Freedom:

However, it is very important for Australia to show its solidarity for freedom of the press in China by allowing the Chinese journalists to report the situation in their own way. If China does not allow the journalists to go to the location where the incident occurred, then maybe Australia should take action to force the issue.

Maintain Good Relations With Their Neighbors:

As China grows in the world, they need to make sure that they maintain good relations with their neighbors. That means that they cannot put their finger on the scale when they are negotiating with foreign countries. China has been doing business with the US for many years, but it does not mean that they are willing to allow the US to have a monopoly over trade in the world.

US As A Great Ally And Trading Partner:

When China sees the US as a great ally and trading partner, it will trust them and work with them in the future. That means that you should allow the Chinese journalists to write and report about what is going on in China without any restrictions whatsoever. so that there is no interference.

Crisis Was Irresponsible:

Whether or not the Chinese government was aware of the Australian journalists’ location, the media coverage that was done during that crisis was irresponsible. The Australian public must know that it was irresponsible to allow the media to publish this type of news, and the Australian government needs to find out why they did. If the Australian media does not stop publishing this type of information, it will be very difficult for the people to believe anything that is published, especially if the Australian government makes a statement.

The Australian Government

The Australian Government does have laws that are in place to protect the media from censorship, but if they allow the Chinese journalists to report in this manner, then we are giving the Chinese a green light to do things such as they did in Australia and write stories that are full of lies and misinformation. which is very dangerous.

Strong Connections To The Government:

When you are choosing a company to represent your client in China, make sure that they have strong connections to the government and the Chinese government. There is nothing wrong with that, but make sure that the company has a good rapport with them as well. That way you can trust them, because you know that the information that they give to you is solid and based on facts, rather than opinions.

They Did Not Allow The Media:

There is not much that the Chinese government can do about the Australian journalists who were evacuated from China, but they can do something about the Australian media reporting on the matter. That is what the Chinese Government will want to do if they did not allow the media to travel to that location. That is not to say that they will take this approach, but it is possible.

Keep Good Relations With China:

One of the best ways to keep good relations with China is to be honest, to be transparent, and to let the people know what they need to know. That is what the Australian government needs to do, especially if the Chinese government is angry with Australia for not letting the journalists go to that location.

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