Bill Gates Wants to Identify the Cause of Salk Sickle Cell Anemia

Bill Gates thinks he can have a clear coronavirus vaccine on the market by November of this year. Bill Gates is not an expert on vaccines or in the medical field. He has no medical background.

Cause of Salk Sickle Cell Anemia :

He is the grandson of Richard Herbert Schwartz, a World War II veteran who was the head of a vaccine research lab. In 1946, the vaccine Schwartz developed was found to be effective against an outbreak of a virus called Salk. Unfortunately, the virus also caused a rare case of meningitis in some of the people who were exposed to the vaccine. This rare strain of the virus was responsible for this outbreak.

Trying To Develop A Vaccine:

Since this disease outbreak, researchers have been trying to develop a vaccine that can successfully combat another strain. This is why Bill Gates got involved. But what is important for him and others is that they have a vaccine available if and when the next outbreak occurs.

Develop Sickle Cell Anemia:

Because there is no cure for Salk, doctors believe that this type of illness may cause a person to develop sickle cell anemia. The disease is life threatening and it is treatable, but not with a vaccine. That is why Gates is so concerned about developing a Salk-like vaccine that he believes will be effective in the fight against this form of sickness.

Three Strains Of Salk Virus:

There are three strains of Salk virus that cause sickle cell anemia. One is caused by one of the strains found in the Salk vaccine, another is caused by the Salk strain found in contaminated soil and the third is caused by a different group of viruses that are now identified as VLP. It is thought that VLP is causing the outbreak in Madagascar. So far, VLP-caused sickle cell anemia has not been seen in countries that use the vaccine.

Disease Is Occurring In Children:

When you look at the research that has been done to develop this vaccine, the most recent study showed that the disease is occurring in children in Morocco.

Still circulating in the community :

But since the outbreak in Madagascar, scientists in Morocco have been able to determine that this sickle cell anemia strain that was being passed from person to person is similar in some ways to that caused by the Salk strain. As such, they are taking precautions. The Moroccan doctors want to see whether the Salk-like virus is still circulating in the community in which they work.

Virus Will Moved From Human To Animal:

If they find that they are not, they know the virus will have moved from human to animal. This will enable them to create a vaccine that will kill both types of the virus. They can then develop a vaccine that can be used to battle the other strain. The problem is, scientists are not sure where the virus is originating from.

Virus Has Traveled Through The Blood Stream:

What is not certain is how far the virus has traveled through the blood stream. Most experts believe that the Salk virus may be causing most cases of sickle cell anemia. They think that some people may be more likely to get sick from the virus than others. There is also some speculation that the vaccine is not being developed in sufficient quantities to be effective in all children who need it.

Number Of Vaccines On Animals:

Scientists will be testing a number of vaccines on animals before they try to develop a vaccine for humans. In the meantime, the best advice is to avoid contact with the virus. as much as possible. If you or anyone you know has this form of sickness, you should isolate yourself and your family from the source of contact. so that they are not infected.

Vaccine May Have Caused The Immune System:

Another concern about the Salk-type of virus is that the Salk vaccine may be making sickle cell anemia worse. This is because the vaccine may have caused the immune system to fight the Salk virus instead of the other strain. If the immune system fights the Salk virus, it may be making the illness worse. As a result, people may not be getting the full benefit of the vaccine.

Gates Is A Fan Of The Vaccine:

Scientists are hopeful that with additional testing and research, sickle cell anemia will be under control. They will have a better idea when the time comes to develop a vaccine. Gates is a fan of the vaccine that he has created.

What You Can Learn About the Justice Supreme Court for Final Time

In my opinion the last day of the Supreme Court for final time should be a very big event, indeed. And I believe it should be a very happy and exciting occasion for all Americans. It should be a time to remember the court and its contributions to American life, but also a time to honor those that have died in the line of duty as well as those that are still serving their country. We should all look forward to the end of this historic chapter in our nation’s history and it should be a very proud day for all.

Exciting Time For The Supreme Court:

However, the last day of the Supreme Court for a final time will not be a day like any other. And while there is no doubt that this is a very exciting time for the Supreme Court, there are many things to be concerned about. Indeed this could be a very sad and depressing event. This is because there is no question that there will be many unhappy people and it is possible that some people will lose their jobs.

Betrayed By The Court:

One thing to watch for is that some people may begin to feel like they have been betrayed by the court. Some people may also become very angry and frustrated that their legal rights are being violated.

Who Is Hurt Or Disappointed:

While there may not be anyone who really feels like this will affect them directly, this could be a very great upset to many others. After all, if there is someone who is hurt or disappointed by the court, what does this mean for the rest of the population? What does this mean for the economy?

Ultimate Sacrifice:

Indeed this can mean that many people will suffer from this decision of the court, and some may decide to take an ultimate sacrifice. Indeed this could be a very big blow to the economy is one of the biggest components in our lives.

Do Not Lose Sight Of:

Therefore we need to be very careful that we do not lose sight of what the last day of the Supreme Court for final time could mean. And one of the best ways to keep ourselves informed about what is going on is to use the internet. There are many blogs and articles out there today that will help to give us all of the information that we need. You can read all of the stories and read about the people that you know on the internet.

Hear Arguments:

You can see how some people acted during the hearings and when it came time to hear arguments. You can also see a lot of photographs and videos of the people that you know on the floor of the court.

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