Development Of Babies – What Happens During The Sixth Sensitive Stage

Development Of Babies :

The human body has a very vital role in the development of babies and their entire lives. This part of the body is a miracle instrument that can change the lives of infants into their adult lives. In order for this process to succeed, it needs to be able to work perfectly in its most natural state.

Eyes Are Very Sensitive:

At the critical stage of babies, their eyes are very sensitive. They need their eyes to be able to control their sight. It is important to note that as children grow up they have very strong eyesight. Their vision becomes even better as they get older.

Second Sensitive Stage Is The Mouth:

The second sensitive stage is the mouth. Babies learn to speak when they are around three years old. By three, they are capable of opening their mouths wide enough for adults to get a sound from them. By four, babies are able to understand what their parents are saying. By six months they have a complete vocabulary and can talk fluently.

The Second Sensitive Stage :

At the third sensitive stage, babies start to understand their bodies. This stage will be when they start to take care of themselves. By two, they already know how to stand on their own. This is because they have already learned how to walk and learn to crawl.

Baby’s Teeth Start To Develop:

At the fourth sensitive stage, it is during the time the baby’s teeth start to develop. This stage will make them start to understand the world. They will also be able to speak and write at a very young age.

Babies Start To Use Their Hands:

At the fifth sensitive stage, babies start to use their hands. At this stage they already know how to use their hands when they are touching objects and using their voice. They know how to use objects with their fingers, how to use their hands on toys, and how to hold and play with objects that look like a doll. Babies also start to learn how to push a toy, which is important since babies are still babies.

Ready To Learn About The World Around Them:

At the sixth sensitive stage, babies are ready to learn about the world around them. As they get older, they start to develop language skills. that are used in communication. At this stage they start to understand what is right and what is wrong.

The Period Of Transition Is A Special One :

Sensitive, developing, and growing babies can go through these stages. But by the time they reach the age of one year, they are ready for the next step, which is called the period of transition, in which they are ready for independence.

Teaches Them About Social Development:

The period of transition is a special one because it is the first one in their lives that teaches them about social development. In this stage, the child starts to think about themselves and other people. They start to learn to differentiate between right and wrong. They also start to think about how they fit into the world.

Development Of Communication Skills:

Another thing that happens during this stage is the development of communication skills. The child will start to communicate with others through the use of words and gestures. At this stage, they start to be able to read, understand, and write. They also start to recognize facial expressions and understand the difference between right and wrong.

Start Learning The Importance Of Values:

At this point, the child can start learning the importance of values and the concepts of good and bad. in terms of behavior. They start to understand that their behavior does affect the environment and their peers.

Importance Of Physical And Mental Activities:

Sensitive, developing, and growing babies are not able to communicate verbally at this time. This is because they are still babies.

At the last sensitive stage, they start to understand the importance of physical and mental activities. At this stage, they start to understand why they should eat, sleep, breathe, and move. They can start to walk and talk.

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