Facebook Follow Up Fight Climate Change – Is it a Fraud?

Facebook Follow Up :

Many have said that Facebook Follow Up Vow to Fight Climate Change is a fake or phony advertisement. With all the people who use Facebook now, you can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of these people will see it.

Climate Change Campaign:

So what has actually happened with the Facebook Follow Up Vow to Fight Climate Change campaign? Why are so many people being mislead by this ad? This is a question that I have asked and am sure you have been hearing about this.

Trying To Get More Exposure For Their Business:

There are actually several reasons why someone might want to purchase the Facebook Follow Up Vow to Fight Climate Change advertisement. The most obvious is because they are trying to get more exposure for their business or organization and want people to hear what they are saying. I also know of individuals who would buy this product as a gift for someone else who lives overseas. You can even buy this product on eBay as there is still an active bidding war going on between people from all over the world.

Pay Money For This Kind Of Marketing Campaign:

The real reason why anyone would want to pay money for this kind of marketing campaign is because they believe that it has some impact on the way that the world thinks and acts on issues related to global warming. The problem with this type of marketing is that most people think that it is completely false and therefore they are not going to listen. However, there are actually many people who have bought into this campaign and have experienced a difference in their attitude towards environmental issues. This can be seen on the social media networks such as Facebook.

Conversation With Someone :

If you have ever had a conversation with someone who does not care about global warming, then you know that they probably do not even care about the Facebook Follow Up Vow to Fight Climate Change campaign as much as they care about how much money they are making. That is why this is a scam in my opinion. The majority of people who have bought into this program are those who have very little interest in global warming but are just looking for a way to make some money.

Promoting This Campaign:

I believe that anyone who believes that this campaign is a scam would be a bit naive because there are literally millions of people who actually want to buy this product. If you look at the Facebook feeds of millions of users, then you will notice that the majority of them are actually promoting this campaign. You also need to take a look at the advertisements on Facebook that are sponsored by the companies that are sponsoring this campaign.

Sponsored By The Companies:

You would be surprised by the number of people who are promoting this campaign on Facebook. With that being said, you may think that these people are all dupes but if you take a closer look at some of the ads that are sponsored by the companies that are sponsoring this campaign, then you will see that there is actually a lot of support for this campaign. When you see the person posting these ads promoting it on Facebook, you might think that they are doing a great thing, but in actuality they are just trying to sell you the product and are not really promoting it.

People Should Be Skeptical About This Campaign:

The real reason that people should be skeptical about this campaign is because many people will buy the product only to find out that the product is bogus or not worth what it says it is. Once you have bought into this hype and become a customer of this program, then you will likely come to the conclusion that this is another scam because you will not see any real results.

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