How to Get Republicans Not Supporting Trump

Who are not supporting Donald Trump today :

Mike Huckabee went a little overboard on those who are not supporting Donald Trump today. He said the Republicans who did not support George W. Bush or John McCain in the presidential election are not supporting Donald Trump because he is a RINO (Republicans Not in Office) – he is “one of them” and should be considered un-American. He also said that those who are supporting Donald Trump are “hypocrites” and those who have no faith in our founding fathers and Constitution are trying to destroy the United States of America:

Get Republicans Not Supporting Trump :

Let’s talk about the war, because I’m afraid it’s an absolute necessity in this case. There are plenty of issues that I agree with myself on but that doesn’t mean that I’m in support of the president of the United States. For example, I don’t like his use of waterboarding and I don’t think it’s ethical. But I’m not sure I would go to jail for someone torturing me. And if you’re disagreeing with me about this, you’re wrong.

President Of The United States Impeached:

If you want to get the president of the United States impeached, then, I say, do it. I don’t care what the Democrats do. But let’s not destroy the Constitution and all the people who fought to protect it. I’m sorry, I just don’t see how anyone can stand up in a free society and say we are the best of all possible worlds.

Area Of Human Endeavor:

The United States of America is the greatest single nation ever created by man. We are the greatest in every area of human endeavor. And what these folks are doing now to try and sabotage our government is absolutely un-American. And it is an absolute disgrace.

He’s A RINO, Then You’re A RINO:

So, if you are a Republican who does not support Trump and you say you don’t vote for him because he’s a RINO, then you’re a RINO, and you should not run for office in the United States of America. And the sooner you get on the same page with that, the rest of your party the better off we will all be.

Country Is Still In Crisis:

If we keep allowing ourselves to be used by these people, then our country will not survive. The reason the country is still in crisis is due to their lack of morals and principles. And they cannot be trusted. Now you want to help a person like that in power?

Stand Up For The Constitution:

It is time that we stand up for the Constitution, and the American People, and we are not going to allow them to destroy everything we built, and fought to get. We have to unite, and stop trying to destroy each other, and our way of life.

Government Is Absolutely Un-American :

Please consider all this. And think on it. You know why they call it the U.S.A.? Because we are the greatest country in the history of mankind, and we are the greatest people in the history of mankind.

And we must stand together, and support one another, and let the rest of the world know. Because there are more than enough problems in this world without trying to destroy one another.

Believe In Free Market Capitalism:

If these Republicans who are not supporting Trump can’t stand on the same stage as him, then perhaps they should reconsider, because I don’t think I could stand with them, because I am not supporting Trump. because I believe in free market capitalism, I am supporting free enterprise, and a free society.

I am an advocate of the great American tradition of freedom, liberty, of the individual and self-reliance, and self-responsibility. and so on.

Woke Up And Said Enough Is Enough:

It is time that you woke up and said enough is enough. It’s time for you to do what is right for this great nation, and all those people that came before us. and that include the president of the United States of America.

Citing Family Friendship And Character:

In a family situation where you have siblings, sibling fights are common to occur. While we try our best not to hurt our siblings, sometimes we do.

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Work Out An Agreement:

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Stop Arguing:

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The Argument Will Eventually Subside:

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Siblings That Have Similar Personalities:

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Sibling Fights:

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A Person’s Character:

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Need Source Of Information:

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Siblings Character And Personality:

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