Is Mark Zuckerberg Deleted All of Facebook Accounts and I.ds?

Mark Zucker berg and the Facebook team recently deleted all of their users’ information from their Facebook pages. Why did they do this?The last time I checked on my Facebook profile, I found out that the last six years worth of activity had been deleted from my account.

Is Mark Zucker berg Deleted All of Facebook Accounts :

I was shocked to find this, and then realized that Facebook does not use its users’ names and information as it is used elsewhere in the internet. This is why they are deleting information from your account. Maybe it is a simple case of not wanting any more people on their network?

My Account To Be Gone:

After reading articles about Facebook deleting information from its network, I knew that my information would be gone. However, I didn’t think it would be taken away completely. I just wanted my account to be gone so that I wouldn’t see anymore posts from people who I don’t know. Now, I’ve seen a few posts from some people that I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like it’s happening all of the time. So what is going on?

Some Sort Of Common Interest:

I believe that Mark Zucker berg and Facebook’s other executives are trying to do what they can to make their site look more user friendly. By not keeping up with the times and using your real name, you may lose some people. People like to use their Facebook accounts to get in contact with people that they have some sort of common interest in. However, you probably won’t find that many people on Facebook who use their real name, and they probably won’t see you or your friends in their news feed.

Facebook group that use Mark Zucker berg :

I guess there are a lot of people in the Facebook group that use Mark Zucker berg as their “friends,” but I can’t really see this as being a big problem. In fact, I think a lot of people on Facebook use their real name because that’s all they’re familiar with.

Business Friends And Business Contacts:

The bottom line is that I don’t think Mark Zucker berg is trying to keep people from their friends on Facebook. He has his business friends, and his business contacts. He obviously has other social networking sites as well, and he may have people that he would like to know more about. that he hasn’t connected with yet on Facebook. Maybe he just doesn’t want the Facebook group filled with his acquaintances.

Increase His Business:

I’m not saying that he is doing anything wrong, but I do believe that he is doing what he has to do to try and increase his business, and reach more people. But I also don’t think he is doing anything wrong by deleting the information from the Facebook network.

People Aware Of His Company:

As a matter of fact, it really appears that Mark Zucker berg is trying to be more personable and is trying to make more people aware of his company, because the more people who know him, the better his chances are of making more money. So I think it’s smart that he deletes information from the Facebook network, because it makes it appear that he is an interesting guy.

Keep The Information Off Of The Facebook:

However, it appears that Mark Zucker berg is trying to keep the information off of the Facebook page so that no one sees it. That seems to be why he wants people to use their real names and even has people use their initials when they send messages and make the profile more personal.

Same Name For Different Purposes:

I’m sure that he realizes that having so many people using the same name for different purposes will eventually cause some people to lose some of the privacy that they get from these social networking sites. However, I still think it’s smart that he deletes some of the information off the Facebook page, because it doesn’t seem that the company would benefit from too many users using the same name or a few people using the same initials. If there was any information that was really private that he had, then it would have been deleted, but if the information is free, then it might be used by some people.

After all, I don’t think Mark Zucker berg is trying to hide any personal information from anyone. If he was trying to keep something from anyone, he wouldn’t delete it from the network or use it.

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