The New Media and Its Impact on the Obama Administration

The first four years of the Obama administration have been very active for the government in general, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation in particular. The first year has seen a large number of arrests made by the FBI against individuals suspected of having various types of criminal activity.

The New Media and Its Impact :

The tenure of President Barack Obama started at noon ET on January 20th, 2020 when Barack Obama took office as the 45th president of the United States of America and ended just over twelve months later on January 20th, 2020. As a result of this brief period of time in office, many individuals who may have been thinking of running for political office were concerned about how they would be viewed by the public and the media in the future.

Transparency And Government Accountability:

In his first year in office, President Barack Obama’s Administration began to put more emphasis on transparency and government accountability. Many people saw the first two years of President Obama as a time where the government seemed to be more transparent than ever before, but that trend has not stopped with the Obama administration. President Donald Trump and his administration have also begun to use the media in order to further their cause of change and transparency in the United States.

Media In Order To Promote Change:

Many people believe that President Barack Obama started the trend of using the media in order to promote change in the direction of transparency, accountability, and this is one of the major reasons why President Trump’s Administration is now utilizing the media in order to get their message across to the American people. One of the first things that President Trump did when he became president was to hold an open press conference in the White House.

President Obama :

President Obama didn’t hold an open press conference because he thought that it would be a good idea or a good method of communication. He held an open press conference because he believed that it was a powerful tool for his Administration to be able to communicate with the American people in a clear and concise manner.

Obama Is Actually More Of An Autocrat:

In fact, many analysts believe that Barack Obama is actually more of an autocrat than anything else. If you ask many people who worked for the Obama Administration what the most popular topics were throughout the last year and a half that they were talking about was how they felt like they were able to control the media in order to control what was being said and how the public perceived their Administration.

Make Changes In Almost Every Single Department:

When President Barack Obama became President, he was also given the chance to make changes in almost every single department and agency of the federal government. It wasn’t until after he left office that he was able to accomplish this feat and many believe that he should have spent the remaining months of his administration working on the final overhauls of the government to achieve the same results.

Public Perceived Their Administration :

One of the goals that the Obama administration had accomplished during its tenure was to reform the IRS and the way that it operates. They were also able to dramatically reduce the cost of government by implementing a number of reforms that would help the American taxpayer save billions of dollars. When we look at the Obama administration, it seems clear to see that they understood that they had something unique to offer to the American citizenry and that they were willing to work hard to give it to them.

Their Administration Failed To Implement:

Many people are concerned that the Obama Administration will not be around in a few years. It’s easy to see why; their administration failed to implement any major reforms that were important to the American citizenry.

Media Is Not Exactly Blowing Up:

Even some of the reforms that were implemented by the Obama Administration are not yet complete and this means that they still have some time to make further changes. Unfortunately, the media isn’t exactly blowing up the Obama Administration like they did when President Bush was first elected.

So why does the media not portray the Obama administration as the “new media”? They seem to think that if they report that way it’s going the people will take notice and they won’t get any coverage from the media.

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