You Can’t Hold a Vote on Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination

Best place to vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee :

Many believe that the Senate is the best place to vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Others are not so sure. But whichever way you look at it, there is a good chance that a few states will try and block some of these Supreme Court hearings from happening in their states.

Vote On Trump’s Supreme Court ;

President-elect Trump will be making the final selection for the next Supreme Court nominee on Friday. It will be up to the Senate to decide whether or not they will allow the hearings to go forward. The answer is a definite no, unless the Democrats try and change the rules of the Senate to allow more time for the hearings.

A Number Of Reasons:

A number of states will likely try and stop the hearings for a number of reasons. Some believe that the new president will not pick someone who will follow the law. They will argue that the new administration has to do what the Constitution says.

Current System Is Broken:

Others will believe that the current system is broken. They argue that the current selection process is not fair. It is said that most of the people who get on the Supreme Court are nominated by the President and not the Senate.

Supreme Court Nominee On Our Hands:

It is possible that if a few states to try and stop the hearings that it could slow down the entire process. The hearings are expected to last over a month. Many people are saying that this is just too long to wait until we have a Supreme Court nominee on our hands. Many believe that we do not need to wait for years to find the right person for this important position.

The United States Constitution :

The United States Constitution does not give anyone the right to block the vote on a Supreme Court nomination. There is no provision that says we can not block a member of the House from voting on a President’s Cabinet nominee. No one has any power to prevent a vote on a Supreme Court nominee that was nominated by the president for the Senate to be held.


The future president of the United States has the right to choose his or her Cabinet. The president also has the right to appoint the members of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can only be made through the process called “advice-consultation.” This means that the president will sit down with the members of the Supreme Court and explain the way the court system works.

Additional Conservative To The Court:

The president can even suggest ways to make it a better. For example, perhaps we should consider adding a fifth member to the Supreme Court. That would add an additional conservative to the court that would be willing to vote in the direction that the president wanted us to go.

The Confirmation Process:

President Obama has already had several meetings with members of Congress, where he has discussed the way the Senate can move forward and ensure that all of our voices are heard. There are certain rules that govern the confirmation process and they have to be followed.

Very Good Argument For The Rules:

The new president can make a very good argument for the rules that he wants us to use to ensure that we have a good rule of law. and that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity in life. We are a nation of laws and a government of laws and we have to remember that.

Plays A Key Role:

We should look at the appointment of the Supreme Court as being a very big deal. The Supreme Court plays a key role in our society and it makes a difference in our lives.

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