Google Pixel 5 Facts

New Google Assistant integrated :

Meet the Google Pixel, a smartphone from Google. It is the first smartphone with the brand new Google Assistant integrated into it. The 8.3MP main camera has a wide-angle lens and a high quality optical image stabilizer. And with the front camera’s 8MP resolution, you can take gorgeous shots in bright light or low light situations.

Google Assistant Software Makes Life Easier:

Other Google Pixel 5 facts are that this smartphone will feature a stylus for convenience. And thanks to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it can access Google Play on your device, letting you browse and download apps from the most popular app stores. Plus, the new Google Assistant software makes life easier by helping you with everyday tasks like setting reminders, setting appointments, and controlling your home entertainment system.

The Google Pixel comes with many impressive specs :

The Google Pixel comes with many impressive specs, but what makes it one of the best phones to hit the market? Many experts have said that Google has delivered yet another smartphone that is highly advanced and functional. For one, the camera is the top performer when it comes to taking high quality pictures with flash.

A Virtual Keypad For Multitasking:

The Google Pixel comes equipped with a large, 13.2″ AMOLED display that features touch sensitivity, which lets you use your fingers as a virtual keypad for multitasking. In addition to the large display, it also features a front-facing camera which is capable of shooting 4K video. With a long battery life of up to 11 hours, it is perfect for travelers who can be away from their smartphones for long periods of time.

Another Unique Feature:

Another unique feature that the Pixel comes with is the Google Assistant software. This voice-activated assistant is made available through a voice command, allowing you to interact with it without opening up the phone’s physical keyboard. You can ask it questions like, “What are the best places in New York City to eat?” or simply say “Google, what restaurants are near my house.”

What’s the weather today’s record for Atlantic City :

And you can even get answers to your questions directly from the Google website. By typing the phrase, “What’s the weather today’s record for Atlantic City,” you can get information right on your screen. The Google Assistant will tell you whether the city is at a safe place to vacation, the lowest traffic volume of air pollution, which restaurants are offering the most affordable food, the temperature on that particular day, and much more.

Google Pixel Comes With Is Its Ability:

One more neat feature that the Google Pixel comes with is its ability to search Google News. By saying the keyword, “Google, what’s the weather report for tonight,” you can get the weather forecast, and more detailed information about your chosen location. From there, you can also find out what time of day the sun will come out and whether there are any cancellations due to high winds or storms in your area.

Designed With Safety In Mind:

The best part about the Google Phone’s features is that it has been designed with safety in mind. Aside from having a comprehensive and easy to navigate interface, it uses the newest security features of Google’s Android operating system for maximum safety, including fingerprint scanning, auto-complete feature, and data encryption.

Download A Variety Of Apps:

But as exciting as these features are, the phone is not only for business people. There are also many fun things that the phone can do. You can download a variety of apps to make the most of your phone. These apps include: YouTube Music, Facebook, Gmail, Foursquare, Picasa, Yahoo News, Google Maps, Google+, MySpace, and many others.

Financial Obligation To Use:

However, if you want to save some money, you can purchase an unlocked, SIM-free smartphone that doesn’t require a contract or any other financial obligation to use. This option is more expensive than a standard mobile phone but will allow you to use the phone anywhere in the world.

Google Pixel Is A Great Phone:

So how does it compare to the iPhone? If you want a great phone that can make your life easier and help you stay connected, then the Google Pixel should definitely be on top of your list.

In conclusion, the Google Pixel is a great phone to have, especially if you travel often and need a smartphone to take care of all of your daily tasks. With great features like a large, bright, beautiful display, an awesome camera, and an amazing voice-activated assistant, you can never go wrong.

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